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I t is no doubt that Vietnam is an agriculture country, which consists of 23 millions agricultural workers (source: Farmvina is a dedicated news platform to engage loyal readers from not only agricultural sectors, but also ornamental trees, flowers, pets, (and more to come).

Working hard to provide great values, we have accumulated a large fan base of frequent readers, who love Farmvina and love what it has to offer. As of January 2017, Farmvina has 6,718,991 page views from 2,720,268 sessions, 9,293 Likes on Facebook fan page and thousands of friends from connected accounts, 26,301 email subscribers and much more.

Promoting on Farmvina gives you a direct and effective approach to a large base of highly targeted people to advertise and sell your products or service. Not only so, this is a wonderful chance to further enhance your company's brand identity and exposure in Vietnam. Farmvina is the first advertising platform to connect foreign companies to Vietnamese consumers, especially in agri-sector.

And it is very affordable! We love to bring great products and services to our awesome readers, which is why Farmvina will not charge you an arm and leg to get you promoted on our platform. Take a look at our packages and contact to find out more!


Case Study: How Lac Rac soars from Farmvina's program

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